RivalFactions - A future Hytale server


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Hi all! I'm Dudoleitor.
I love Minecraft and I've managed some public servers in the past. As I'm sure that Hytale will be the game of 2019, I want to start building up a community.

With my friend DadoBaro we wrote some plans for a future server that will open as soon as the game will be released. We really want to give birth to a big project, in fact we have clear ideas and we already have a server to host the game.
We plan to bring a server based on collaboration between factions, with a rooted law system for a complete RP experience without limiting creativity or the will to explore.

If you wanna be part of the team or you are just curious, have a look at our website and join our Discord, we are looking for staff members!


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Nice! Will be interesting to see a lore-driven factions-type server on Hytale! Best of luck :D