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Hytale Blog Breakdown - #6
Welcome to the Hytale Blog Breakdown, where we summarize all the latest news coming straight from the Hytale Development Blog.

Blog Summary:
This week's blog focused on showcasing character customization in Hytale.
Key Takeaways (Zero Speculation, All Fact):
  • Players can customize their character's skin tone, eye color, hairstyle, facial hair, facial expressions, and layers of clothing.
  • Players will be able to choose from several other playable races as well; not just human.
  • Colors may also be modified for all customization elements.
  • Hats and accessories are not dependent on chosen hairstyles.
  • Armor will apply over your character's customized elements.
  • Customization options will vary from veteran adventurers, farmers, magic users, artisans, modern apparel, and more.
  • “There are two sides - the fantasy side, and the feeling of being yourself - playing with your friends and wearing everyday clothing. There’s also cosplay and roleplaying. We want people to be able to build a saloon or a spaceship and have a set of costumes they can choose from.”
  • Servers can override character appearances while those users are connected to their server.
  • Manual emotes will also be present in the game to animate your avatar.
Check out the original blog post: https://hytale.com/news/2019/2/customizing-your-character-in-hytale


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Pretty much the entire wishlist people had for characters from another block based game. Always thought we needed far more customization beyond the skin layers we had. I hope Hytale add a ton of armor customization like coloring and patterning so people can be much more unique.