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Hytale Blog Breakdown - #9
Welcome to the Hytale Blog Breakdown, where we summarize all the latest news coming straight from the Hytale Development Blog.

Blog Summary:
This week's blog focused on showcasing building.
Key Takeaways (Zero Speculation, All Fact):
  • Standard block placement will be used (stacked or placed next to one another)
  • There will be variations for basic block types (stone can have various types of details such as cracks, patterns, etc.)
  • New block Quartzite confirmed to be found in Zone 1 (Enchanted Grove)
  • In addition to regular blocks, you'll also be able to craft roof, stair, wall, pillar, slab, and beam variants of the block
  • Block Variants
    • Slabs: half-height blocks (may be placed vertically and horizontally)
    • Stairs: tapered-edge blocks that can be used for a number of things including acting as stairs
    • Beams: attach to the center of blocks
    • Walls: thinner than a regular block that can be used to create fences, walls, and railings
    • Pillars: a block variant that adds additional details, variety, and visual interest
    • Roof: sloped blocks
  • Decorative: elements like ivy can be attached to the side of blocks or pieces of furniture like chairs can be placed in builds to add detail
Check out the original blog post: https://hytale.com/news/2019/3/building-with-blocks-in-hytale


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The slab thing has been on my MC wishlist forever. I'm so glad they finally decided to add what is NOT a hard thing. I'm so glad they decided to add a roof block instead of sticking with stair blocks like MC. Also finally seeing some finished builds up close really makes you appreciate the lengths going into making this look awesome while sticking with the block based sandbox genre.