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Hytale Blog Breakdown - #13
Welcome to the Hytale Blog Breakdown, where we summarize all the latest news coming straight from the Hytale Development Blog.

Blog Summary:
This week's blog focused on showcasing Zone 3.
Key Takeaways (Zero Speculation, All Fact):
  • A teaser video, which was released as unlisted initially at EGX Rezzed, about Zone 3 was publicly announced
  • "Zone 3 is a wintry region comprised of forested valleys, tall mountains, and deep caves"
  • Zone 3's magical element is: water
  • Some of the animals found in Zone 3 include: woodpeckers, wolves, polar bears, and rams
  • Zone 3 has one of the largest prefab mine entrances
  • Mines and Dungeons are generated from multiple prefabs that seamlessly blend together with connected stairs and ladders
  • Zone 3 is host to some of Orbis' darkest moments in history
  • The Outlanders, a breakaway faction of humans, call Zone 3 home
  • Outlander camps are full of high walls, watchtowers, fire pits, and more
Check out the original blog post: https://hytale.com/news/2019/4/a-visual-tour-of-zone-3