Hytale Blog Hytale Blog Breakdown - A PEEK AT SOME OF ZONE 1'S WILDLIFE


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Hytale Blog Breakdown - #8
Welcome to the Hytale Blog Breakdown, where we summarize all the latest news coming straight from the Hytale Development Blog.

Blog Summary:
This week's blog focused on showcasing animals in Zone 1.
Key Takeaways (Zero Speculation, All Fact):
  • Grizzly Bears are confirmed to inhabit Zone 1.
  • Grizzly Bears are passive unless provoked.
  • Upon being attacked or turning aggressive, Grizzly Bears will chase players until you are out of their territory.
  • Grizzly Bears can be found sleeping and will run away if wounded.
  • Creatures such as frogs, ducks, sparrows, deer, rats, bats, spiders, and pigeons can also be found in Zone 1.
  • In addition to basic animations such as feeding, animals will also turn their heads to look at one another to add more personality.
  • Trorks can be distracted by flying birds and may throw spears at them.
  • Spiders are able to climb vertical surfaces.
Check out the original blog post: https://hytale.com/news/2019/3/a-peek-at-some-of-zone-1-s-wildlife


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The ducks are so cute! Those spiders are creepy as hell too! Love the rat and how they scratch their ear just like real rats.