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    RivalFactions - A future Hytale server

    That sounds awesome!! :D
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    Have you guys read the new blog post!! The released three songs and they are very good! I can't wait to get hear this in the game. It's so immersive, what is y'all's favorite?
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    Aren't questions cool?

    What are questions, plz explain further :unsure:o_O
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    Speculation What creatures/animals are you wanting or expecting to see?

    I'm hoping to definitely see what they can do with domesticated animals. They showed that chickens won't be so easy to tame and harvest eggs from. I want to see what they are going to require with cows and pigs. I am also excited to figure out their domestication process. Based off of some...
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    Speculation Hytale Hopes?

    What is the biggest thing you hope to see in Hytale, and why? :D
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone!